Just like Dry January, Sober October is an awareness campaign that spurs people to forgo alcohol for that month and raises money in the process for charities such as Macmillan Cancer Support. To find alcohol treatment for yourself or a loved one, visit the NIAAA Alcohol Treatment Navigator. Alcohol is a factor in about 30% of suicides and fatal motor vehicle crashes, 40% of fatal burn injuries, 50% of fatal drownings and homicides, and 65% of fatal falls.

So you get a double hit when it comes to signs of ageing. He then began to give up alcohol gradually, only drinking with meals – although he did have a few relapses during the pandemic. Since 2021, he only drinks occasionally – «a beer every three or four days,” he says. For the next two years, does alcohol make you look older Vlad continued drinking cheap booze diluted with water or juice; a shot every few hours to cope with the anxiety. “That’s how it is when you only care about drinking and you’re poor,” he says. A recent study has, however, found that drinking white wine can actually make you look much older.

How Excessive Alcohol Consumption Ages the Mind and Body

In recent months, her one glass has turned into two or more, sometimes even a whole bottle. Katie has told herself she was just releasing the pressure of balancing work and helping to care for her grandchildren. But she’s finding it harder to get going in the morning and occasionally feels cravings for a drink during stressful times in the workday. Her friends and family have noticed a change but are not sure how to talk to her about it. But alcohol addiction can affect anyone, regardless of their status, gender, beliefs or age. Many women spend a lot of money on skin care products, body care products, and hair care products, with the sole aim of trying to look younger.

  • Without a doubt, many people believe that beauty products are the best way we can avoid looking older.
  • Over time, exposure to UV light can damage the skin causing irreversible changes.
  • According to a recent study, even one glass of wine can make you look 10 years older than your real, biological age.
  • (Note that even without alcohol, the risk of a car accident goes up starting at age 55.) Also, older drivers tend to be more seriously hurt in crashes than younger drivers.

As a result, the skin may look dry and wrinkled, similar to sun damage. In addition, alcohol dehydrates the body, meaning it draws moisture away from the skin cells, leading to dullness and sagging. Some of the most common skin conditions related to alcohol misuse are psoriasis, https://ecosoberhouse.com/ dermatitis and rosacea. Dermatologists confirm that women who drink alcohol have an increased risk of developing rosacea. Markedly, most heavy drinkers experience puffy and red faces. Drinking alcohol on a regular basis leads to widened blood vessels in the face.

It Can Keep You Up at Night

Because drinking alcohol dehydrates you, it can leave you with a dull look and bags under your eyes from poor quality sleep. To help battle the effects of drinking alcohol, drink plenty of water when you drink alcohol to stay hydrated. Stick to the guideline units of alcohol and have consecutive non-drinking days. Besides its effects on the skin, heavy drinking may affect internal organs. Prolonged over-consumption of alcohol leads to fatty liver disease, a significant cause of illness and death worldwide. Meanwhile, chronic use of alcohol can lead to inflammation of the kidneys and a need for premature dialysis.

On top of that, if your liver is failing to function properly, it can make your skin look dull and cause pigmentation around your eyes. ‘Excessive alcohol tends to cause flushing in most people and will act as a diuretic and cause dehydration,’ says Dr. Justine Hextall, one of London’s leading dermatologists. Congeners are chemicals produced during the fermentation process that contribute to the taste and smell of alcohol – and they’re the main culprit for a hangover. They also dehydrate your skin like the sun sapping moisture from sand. If you’re partaking in Sober October after a summer of mainlining mojitos and negronis then props to you.

Does Drinking Alcohol Cause Wrinkles?

When doctors consider the way that drinking large amounts of alcohol affects the body’s aging process, they have come to a few conclusions. First, medical professionals explain that early signs of aging stem from the fact that alcohol speeds the release of stress hormones in the body. Next, alcohol harms various organs, especially the liver. While it might not much attention, alcohol and aging is a real thing. Over time, heavy alcohol use can result in changes to the skin.

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Therefore, drinking alcohol can compound the natural effects of aging. Even one night of drinking can make fine lines and wrinkles look more prominent due to dehydration. Alcohol depletes electrolytes and adversely affects tissue health. Heavy drinking ages your facial features and causes potentially irreversible skin damage, adding visible years to your appearance.

Take the First Step Towards a Healthier Life

People should not drink alcohol if they plan to drive, use machinery, or perform other activities that require attention, skill, or coordination. But a couple of years later, at 30, she went through a period of deep crises that made her reach for the bottle again. “One afternoon, I had a beer on an empty stomach,” she says. “That was the beginning of an alcoholic episode that lasted for almost three years.»

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